inquiry to the mind of the insaine

the depths of hell

11 October
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Well if you msut know, i am a black man, but not your standard/ average black man. You see i am not big into rap music or showing my ass to the world, i like to see myslef as slightly more refined then that. I do however "sag" my pants just for the comfort level, i wear more form fitting tops or i will where "white people clothes" (i.e. anything from HotTopic.) Look guys(and ladies) im in to hardcore and soft rock i like electric acoustic, i like a little Mindless Self Indulgence, and i like Nelly ( both of them) i like DMX and i like SNOOP. BIGGE and PAC go without saying. you see i like music and i like clothes , i don't make it a black or white thing i think its just a thing. So just that along makes me not your adverage balck man. there is so much more to me but if i told you all of it then you wouldn't want to talk to me so what would be the point to all of this?